Basic CPTED Certification Curriculum

Day 1

Welcome & Administrative Information

“Introduction to CPTED”

Landscaping Guidelines”

“Fencing and Intrusion Sensors”

“Bollards and Other Vehicle Barriers”

“Signs and Wayfinding”


“CAP Index”

“Broken Windows & CPTED Strategies”

Day 2

“Security Lighting”

“CPTED Ordinances”

“Glazing Materials”

“CPTED and Premises Liability” “CPTED Design Strategies for Building Architects”

“CPTED Design Strategies for Single Family Residences”

“CPTED – Multi-Family Dwellings”


Day 3

“Understanding Site Plans, Floor Plans and Construction Documents”

“CPTED Site Reviews and Security Surveys”

“CPTED and Graffiti Abatement”

“CPTED and Urban Parks”

“CPTED – Safe Restroom Design”

“Comparing CPTED Surveys and Security Surveys” “Security Mistakes Architects Make”

“Preventing Access Control Tailgating

Day 4

“CPTED for Parking Facilities”

“CPTED & Traffic Calming”

“Speeding in Residential Neighborhoods”

“How to Sell CPTED to Government Leaders, Facility Designers & Community Planners”

“CPTED and Public Art”

“CPTED and Commercial/Retail Facilities”

Certification Exam Review

Virtual Field Assignments –

In Class Preparation

Day 5

“CPTED and Schools”

Field Assignment Presentations

Certification Exam