CPTED Certification Curriculum

1st Day

“Understanding When Security is an Issue”

“Introduction to CPTED”
“Straight Talk About CPTED”

“First and Second Generation CPTED”

 “Landscaping Guidelines”

“Fencing and Intrusion Sensors”

“Bollards and Other Vehicle Barriers”

“Wayfinding and Signage for Security”


“CAP Index”

“Broken Windows & CPTED Strategies”

“Building Dumpster Security”

“Loading Dock Security”

“Security of Warehouses and Distribution Centers”


2nd Day

“Security Lighting”

“CPTED Ordinances”

“Glazing Materials”

“CPTED and Premises Liability”

“CPTED Design Strategies for Building Architects”

“CPTED Design Strategies for Single Family Residences”

“CPTED Design Strategies for Multi-Family Dwellings”

“CPTED Design Strategies for Office/ Government Buildings”

“Designing Lobbies for Good Security”

“Building Visitor Management and Control”

“Use of Automatic Gates”

“Protecting Exterior Communications Infrastructure”


3rd Day

“Understanding Site Plans, Floor Plans and Construction Documents”

“Planning, Zoning and CPTED”

“CPTED Site Reviews and Security Surveys”

“Community Introduction to CPTED”

“CPTED and Graffiti Abatement”

“CPTED and Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies”

“CPTED for Parks, Trails and Greenways”

“Comparing CPTED Surveys and Security Surveys”

“CPTED – Safe Restroom Design”

“Preventing Access Control Tailgating”

“Mistakes Architects Make”
“School Visitor Access Control”
“CPTED & Traffic Calming”

Certification Exam Review

Virtual Field Assignments


4th Day


Virtual Field Assignment Reports

“CPTED for Parking Facilities”

“How to Sell CPTED to Government Leaders, Facility Designers &
Community Planners”

“CPTED and Public Art”

“Activity Support and CPTED”

“CPTED for Manufacturing Facilities”

“CBR Safety”

“CPTED Strategies for Convenience Stores”

“CPTED Strategies for Office Buildings”