Training Resources


Law Enforcement Officers Security Assessment Guide is a unique publication designed to serve as a valuable aid and guide for law enforcement personnel charged with the responsibility of conducting security assessments or surveys for members of their community or jurisdiction.  This impressive and useful 404-page publication addresses the following subjects and materials:

  • How to Determine and Manage Risk
  • Principle Elements or Components of a Security Assessment
  • Steps and Procedures in the Conduct of a Security Site Inspection
  • Who to Interview and What Documents to Collect
  • What Questions to Ask During a Security Assessment
  • Integration of CPTED Strategies in a Security Assessment
  • Format for Security Assessment Report Writing

A vital component of this unique security assessment guide is a series of especially developed templates for the conduct of high-quality security assessments or surveys

2015LEOweb The Law Enforcement Officer’s Complete Crime Prevention Manual is the most inclusive and useful publication of its kind ever developed.  The current addition (1,010 pages in length) includes 156 chapters containing useful crime prevention recommendations, tips, practices and guidelines.

This two-volume manual will serve as a valuable reference and resource guide for law enforcement personnel with crime prevention responsibilities.  It will provide them with information and material needed to develop and implement proactive community-based crime prevention programs and initiatives.


 2015CompletCommercialWebFlyer The Complete Commercial & Retail Crime Prevention Manual  is a comprehensive crime prevention resource guide that focuses specifically upon important risk factors and threats faced by the business community on a daily basis.  This publication includes 65 Chapters and Appendices in 451 illustrated pages.  It provides crime prevention officers and specialists with a quick and easy blueprint for:

  • Assisting businesses with their loss prevention issues
  • Helping crime prevention specialists implement proactive commercial/retail crime prevention programs
  • Providing assistance with developing solutions to crime problems
  • Recommendations for developing business sector – Law enforcement collaborative crime prevention initiatives