Basic Crime Prevention – Fall

October 16 – 27, 2017 | Louisville, KY | The Galt House Hotel

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Crime prevention, that is “the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it,” should be a priority for every law enforcement agency.  Particularly with budget constraints currently being experienced by law enforcement agencies, the principles and skills associated with crime prevention have never been more important than they are today.

Every public law enforcement agency should have specially trained crime prevention specialists who possess detailed knowledge of proactive crime prevention techniques and strategies.

With budget limitations and criminal realities, crime prevention has assumed a dimension of importance never before experienced.

The Need for Specialized Crime Prevention Training

To be effective, crime prevention/community resource officers or specialists need to possess a wide range of technical skills and programmatic knowledge seldom provided in traditional law enforcement training.  They require crime prevention training specific to the areas of knowledge they will need to be proficient in to serve as capable crime prevention specialists.  In such areas as locks and locking systems, electronic access control, video surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, security assessments, etc., crime prevention/community resource officers and specialists should serve as the primary information resource for their respective departments.

Seminar Description

The Basic Crime Prevention Certification Seminar presented by the American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) is a comprehensive two-week training program designed for crime prevention and community resource officers and specialists.  The curriculum for this unique specialized training program addresses over 65 crime prevention topic areas.

Individuals who successfully complete this training program will be recognized by ACPI as Certified Law Enforcement Security Assessment Specialists and Certified Crime Prevention Specialists.

Seminar Details

The Basic Crime Prevention Certification Seminar will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on October 16-27, 2017.  All of the classroom sessions for this crime prevention training program will be held at the Galt House Hotels ( located in downtown Louisville.  Room rates for the Galt House Hotel for this seminar are $98.00.  Please make your own room reservations at the Galt House Hotel by calling 502.589.5200 at least three weeks prior to the seminar.

Resource Materials

Seminar participants will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive seminar presentation guide with detailed PowerPoint and multi-video presentations covering each of the seminar topic areas.
  • A copy of the of The Law Enforcement Officer’s Complete Crime Prevention Manual.
  • A copy of the Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide. This exclusive publication contains numerous templates and standards for the conduct of security assessments.
  • A specially designed laser-engraved certification plaque.

How Much Does the Seminar Cost?

The cost of attending the two-week Basic Crime Prevention Certification Seminar is as follows:

October 16-27, 2017
Basic Crime Prevention Seminar
Single Participant   $1,275.00
Multiple Participants (each)   $1,075.00

This includes registration fee, extensive resource material, laser-engraved certification plaque and daily refreshment breaks.  It does not include travel, lodging or other food expenses.

How to Register for the Seminar

Web – Register Here

Phone – 1.502.244.7306

Curriculum for Basic Crime Prevention Certification Seminar