Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement (CPTCE)

April 23 – 25, 2019 | Louisville, KY | The Galt House

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Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement (CPTCE) is a merger of contemporary crime prevention and community engagement strategies designed to encourage and facilitate community outreach programs and to help reinforce an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between law enforcement and the local community.

The American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) has developed a new interactive crime prevention training program entitled, “Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement.”  This timely three-day seminar is designed to enhance and energize law enforcement agencies’ community outreach and engagement efforts.

As developed by ACPI, the definition of Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement (CPTCE) is “the strategic inclusion, involvement, and engagement of grass root community members in the facilitation and support of crime prevention and related community policing efforts.”

Seminar Details

The Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement Seminar will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on April 23-25, 2019.  All of the classroom sessions for this crime prevention program are held at the Galt House Hotel (, located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  Room rates for the Galt House Hotel are $109.00 for single occupancy and $139.00 for double occupancy.  Please make your own reservations at the Galt House Hotel by calling 502.589.5200 at least four weeks prior to the seminar.

Seminar Content

The following is a partial list of the topics to be addressed during the course of the three-day Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement Seminar.

  • Principles and Strategies of Police/Community Engagement
  • Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement (CPTCE) Programs and Initiatives
  • Interrelationship Between Crime Prevention, Police Community Engagement, Community Oriented Policing & Problem-Solving Policing
  • Engaging the Faith-Based Community in Crime Prevention
  • Understanding the Media’s Role in Community Engagement
  • Engaging Minority Communities in Crime Prevention and Community Policing
  • Utilizing Social Media for Crime Prevention and Community Engagement
  • Engaging the Business Community – “Business Watch”
  • Templates for Successful Crime Prevention Programs

Seminar Curriculum

For the complete curriculum for this crime prevention seminar, visit the CPTCE Curriculum .

Who Should Attend 

This seminar is intended for crime prevention and community resource specialists responsible for developing and implementing community outreach and engagement programs.  Both sworn and non-sworn law enforcement personnel will benefit by participation in this timely crime prevention training program.

How Much Does The Seminar Cost?

Crime Prevention Through Community Engagement Seminar April 23-25, 2019
Single Participant $475.00
Multiple Participants (each)    $375.00

This includes registration fee, extensive resource material, and daily refreshment breaks.  It does not include travel, lodging or other food expenses.

How To Register For The Seminar

Phone              502.244.7306