September 10 – 14, 2018 | Louisville, KY | Galt House Hotel

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED (pronounced “sep-ted”) is a series of design strategies based upon the principle that “…The proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction of fear and incidences of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life.”  CPTED is a multi-disciplinary approach aimed at deterring criminal behavior through environmental design.  It is based upon the belief that crime can be directly related to the physical environment.

CPTED strategies rely upon the ability to influence criminal decisions that precede criminal acts.  Research into criminal behavior indicates the decision whether to commit a criminal offense is more influenced by cues to the personal risk of being caught than by cues to reward or ease of entry.

Law enforcement professionals, construction and facility planners and architects should be well versed in the principles and strategies associated with CPTED.  They should subsequently work collaboratively to implement appropriate CPTED strategies on new buildings and facilities as well as major renovation projects in order to minimize the occurrence of crime and provide for a safer environment.

Most new buildings are usually planned and designed to last and be functional for at least 50 years.  When integrated into the programming stage of new or renovated buildings and facilities, CPTED can positively influence the safety and security of these facilities through their entire life span of use.

What CPTED is Not

CPTED is not necessarily the conduct of security assessments.  Security assessments or surveys traditionally address environmental security, physical security, electronic security and procedural security issues, most often for existing buildings or facilities..  CPTED is most effectively employed, however, during the initial planning (programming) stage of these facilities.

Seminar Description

The Basic CPTED Certification Seminar focuses upon basic CPTED skills and knowledge required by law enforcement personnel, architects and community planners. The seminar will be of significant benefit to crime prevention and community resource  specialists with limited CPTED training and experience. Individuals who successfully complete this five-day seminar, will be certified by the American Crime Prevention Institute as “Certified CPTED Specialists.”

Seminar Details

The Basic CPTED Certification Seminar will be held on September 10-14, 2018. All of the classroom sessions for this Basic CPTED training program will be held at the Galt House Hotel (www.galthouse.com) located in downtown Louisville.  Room rates for the Galt House Hotel for this seminar are $104.00.  Please make your own room reservations at the Galt House Hotel by calling 502.589.5200 at least three weeks prior to the seminar.

Certified CPTED Specialist

This seminar is a certification training program.  There is a written examination covering seminar topic areas at the end of the five-day seminar.  Passage of the examination is required to be recognized as a “Certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Specialist.”

How Much Does the Seminar Cost

The cost of attending the five-day Basic CPTED Certification Seminar is as follows:

Sept. 10-14, 2018
Basic CPTED Seminar
Single Participant   $675.00
Multiple Participants (each)   $525.00

This includes registration fee, extensive resource material, laser-engraved certification plaque and daily refreshment breaks.  It does not include travel, lodging or other food expenses.

How to Register for the Seminar

Register Online – Register

Web – www.ACPIonline.com
Phone – 1.502.244.7306

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