Security Assessment – Louisville

May 6 – 10, 2019 | Louisville, KY | The Galt House Hotel

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A security assessment or survey is a critical on-site examination to identify security-related risks, threats and vulnerabilities, and the determination of needed improvements. Particularly with concern about active shooter or assailant incidents, law enforcement agencies are frequently requested to conduct security assessments of residential properties, commercial/retail facilities, schools, houses of worship, government and institutional buildings, public utilities, etc.

A security assessment should address environmental security, physical security, electronic security and procedural security issues.  Law enforcement agencies should have specially trained crime prevention/community resource specialists capable of conducting effective security assessments or surveys for members of their community or jurisdiction.

Seminar Description

The Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Personnel Certification Seminar is a unique crime prevention training program developed by the American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) for law enforcement personnel.  This unprecedented training seminar is designed to enable participants to effectively conduct a wide range of security surveys or assessments.

Seminar participants learn how to conduct high-quality security assessments for:

·           Residential Properties

·           Commercial/Retail Facilities

·           Houses of Worship

·           Public Utilities

·           Industrial/Manufacturing

·           Schools

·           Construction Sites

·           Government Buildings

·           Parking Facilities

·           Campus Buildings

Complete Curriculum for Security Assessment for a Law Enforcement Personnel Certification Seminar

Certified Law Enforcement Security Assessment Specialist

Individuals who successfully complete this comprehensive the one-week training program will be recognized as by ACPI as Certified Law Enforcement Security Assessment Specialists.

  • Certified Security Assessment Specialist (C.S.A.S.)

Seminar Details

The Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Personnel Certification Seminar will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on May 6-10, 2019. All classroom sessions for this crime prevention training program will be held at the Galt House Hotel (, located in downtown Louisville.  Room rates for the Galt House Hotel are $109.00 for single occupancy and $139.00 for double occupancy.  Please make your own room reservations at the Galt House Hotel by calling 502.589.5200 at least four weeks prior to the seminar.

Seminar participants will receive the following:

  • Extensive crime prevention information and support material
  • A comprehensive seminar presentation guide with detailed PowerPoint and multi-video presentations covering each of the seminar topic areas.
  • A copy of the 2019 Revised Edition of The Law Enforcement Officer’s Complete Crime Prevention Manual ($129.50 value)
  • A copy of the ACPI Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide ($89.00 value)
  • A specially designed acrylic laser-engraved certification plaque.

How Much Does the Seminar Cost?

The cost of attending the one-week Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officers Seminar is as follows:

May 6-10, 2019
Security Assessment Seminar
Single Participant   $675.00
Multiple Participants (each)   $525.00

This includes registration fee, extensive resource material, laser-engraved certification plaque and daily refreshment breaks.  It does not include travel, lodging or other food expenses.

How to Register for the Seminar

Web – Register Here

Phone – 502.244.7306