Security Assessment-Winston Salem, NC

August 27 – 31, 2018 | Winston Salem, NC | Winston Salem Police Dept

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A security assessment should address environmental security, physical security, electronic security and procedural security issues.  Law enforcement agencies should have specially trained crime prevention/community resource specialists capable of conducting security assessments or surveys for members of their community or jurisdiction.

Seminar Description

The Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officers Seminar is a unique crime prevention training program developed by the American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) for law enforcement personnel.  This unprecedented training seminar is designed to enable participants to effectively conduct a wide range of security surveys or assessments.

Seminar participants learn how to conduct high-quality security assessments for:

  •   Residential Properties
  •   Commercial/Retail Facilities
  •   Schools
  •   Industrial/Manufacturing
  •   Public Utilities
  •   Houses of Worship
  •   Construction Sites
  •   Government Buildings
  •   Parking Facilities
  •   Campus Buildings

Certified Law Enforcement
Security Assessment Specialist

This seminar is a certification training program.  Passage of a written examination covering seminar topic areas is required for successful completion of the course.   Individuals who attend and successfully complete the one-week training program will be recognized as Certified Law Enforcement Security Assessment Specialists.

Seminar Details

The Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officers Seminar will be held in Winston-Salem, NC on August 27-31, 2018.

All classroom sessions for this crime prevention training program will be held at the Winston-Salem Police Department at 7836 North Point Blvd., Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106.

Resource Materials

Seminar participants will receive the following:

  • A comprehensive seminar presentation guide with detailed PowerPoint and multi-video presentations covering each of the seminar topic areas.
  • A copy of the Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officer’s Guide.  This exclusive publication contains numerous templates and standards for the conduct of security assessments.
  • A copy of the 1,010-page 2015 Revised Edition of The Law Enforcement Officer’s Complete Crime Prevention Manual.
  • A specially designed laser-engraved certification plaque.

How Much Does the Seminar Cost?

The cost of attending the one-week Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officers Seminar is as follows:

August 27-31, 2018
Security Assessment Seminar
 Co-Sponsored by Winston-Salem PD
Single Participant   $650.00
Multiple Participants (each)   $500.00

This includes registration fee, extensive resource material, laser-engraved certification plaque and daily refreshment breaks.  It does not include travel, lodging or other food expenses.

How to Register for the Seminar

Web – Register Here

Phone – 1.502.244.7306

Curriculum for Security Assessment for a Law Enforcement Officers Seminar