American Crime Prevention Institute

The global leader in comprehensive crime prevention training and certification programs for state and local law enforcement, campus law enforcement, schools and security professionals.
Dan Keller, Executive Director

Our Training and Certification Programs

Practical and effective programs with flexible attendance options to best suit your budget and schedule. The same content, the same certifications, the same instructors ... multiple ways to attend.
Self-Paced Online
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Self-paced online crime prevention training completed at your own pace and your own schedule, when you choose to begin, pause and finish.
Live Online
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Live online crime prevention training presented virtually via video conference.  You can attend online without the cost and inconvenience of travel.
On-Site Training
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Crime prevention training can be provided live on-site for an individual department or multiple agencies.

The American Crime Prevention Institute provides unparalleled crime prevention training opportunities for law enforcement and security personnel.  These certification programs will enable you to design, initiate and sustain successful crime prevention programs.

We enable organizations to design and implement proactive programs that reduce risk, improve community relations and enhance quality of life.


Decades of experience in law enforcement, crime prevention and security


The greatest breadth and selection of crime prevention training topics


Enhance your credibility and career with lifetime certification backed by ACPI


Useful roadmaps for how to plan and implement effective security and crime prevention programs


Multiple learning formats to fit your budget and availability - online, self-paced, in-person
The mission of The American Crime Prevention Institute is to enable law enforcement and security professionals to reduce criminal risk and activity and enhance quality of life through the delivery of certified crime prevention training.

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Prevention is the best defense

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