Protecting School Classrooms
from Active Shooters

Friday June 28, 1:00pm ET

Protecting school classrooms from active shooters involves a multi-faceted approach including enhanced security measures, comprehensive training on emergency protocols, and promoting a supportive school environment where staff and students can help identify potential threats.

Join us for a 1-hour presentation on the various security measures that can be taken by school officials, staff and law enforcement.

These measures may include:

  • Classroom Doors and Door systems
  • Classroom Door Locks
  • Classroom Walls
  • Glazing for Classroom Windows, Vision Panels and Sidelights
  • Classroom Voice Communications
  • Classroom Security Blinds
  • Designated Shelter Areas
  • Eggressible Classroom Windows

This free webinar is developed for:

  • School Board and Administrative Staff
  • School Teachers
  • School Resources Officers
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Security Professionals
  • School Architects

Active assailants, particularly active shooters, frequently focus their attention upon school classrooms, assuming the presence of potential victims. It is entirely possible to render school classrooms as safe places of refuge by adopting appropriate measures. 
 All attendees will be able to download a copy of the slides.


Dan Keller

Executive Director, American Crime Prevention Institute
Dan brings more than 50 years of law enforcement and security experience. He has trained thousands of law enforcement personnel, security professionals and community planners in crime prevention and security strategies.
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