Classroom Door Locks

Dan Keller

There are an estimated 130,000 K-12 schools in the United States. If each of these schools had an average of 30 classrooms, there would be 3.9 million classroom doors that require security locks. This number does not include classrooms for institutions or high education.

Traditional classroom function door locks can only be locked with a key on the outside (corridor side).  Thus, if there was an active shooter or active assailant in a school requiring lockdown and security of classroom doors, the teacher would have to open the door from the inside of the classroom and lock the classroom door from the corridor side with a key, possibly exposing himself/herself to the assailant.


It is said this was designed to keep students from locking the teacher out of the classroom.


Classroom security function door locks allow the classroom door to be locked with a key from the outside and from the inside with a key or by turning a thumb latch or electronically with a contactless proximity device.


The thumb latch on the inside of a classroom allows a teacher or student to quickly lock the classroom door without a key.


Often, classroom security function door locks can have a visual indicator on the door locking hardware to enable teachers and students to easily determine if the door is locked or not.


Classroom security function door locks are available with electronic controls that enable teachers to use a key fob or similar device to remotely secure the classroom.  Electronic classroom door hardware systems are available which can remotely initiate the lockdown of an individual classroom, a pod of classrooms, or even all of the classroom doors if desired.


Classroom security function door locks are not restricted to classrooms and can be used in any location where key control of the outside lever is required for inside the room.

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