Safety and Security for
Professional Home Visitors

Friday March 22, 1:00pm ET

A number of occupations require employees to make home visits to clients, often alone, which may place them at personal risk.

In this free webinar we will review:

  • Protection strategies for the professional home visitor before, during and after approaching the home, and returning to the home or office
  • Current technologies commonly used for personal safety
  • Dealing with hostile encounters
  • Crime prevention strategies for law enforcement and security professionals to engage the public in safety measures

This free webinar is designed for anyone employed as a professional home visitor, such as realtors, home health professionals, delivery drivers, contractors, etc, and for law enforcement or security personnel.
 All attendees will be able to download a copy of the slides.


Dan Keller

Executive Director, American Crime Prevention Institute
Dan brings more than 50 years of law enforcement and security experience. He has trained thousands of law enforcement personnel, security professionals and community planners in crime prevention and security strategies.
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