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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Improving security through facility and community design

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May 4th - 7th, 2021 | 11am - 3pm EDT

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Crime Prevention is a Collaborative Effort

Are you responsible for security in facility construction and community revitalization projects?

Do you work with architects, community planners or businesses on security and crime prevention initiatives?

Are you seeking skills to advance your career in security or law enforcement?

Crime can be directly influenced by the design of the physical environment.

Effective security is complex. Reliance exclusively on technical solutions can leave facilities and occupants vulnerable, inhibit business and impede aesthetics.

All stakeholders responsible for facility design and construction, community and campus planning, security and loss prevention should work together to develop comprehensive security strategies, including those that manipulate behavior to reduce crime.

  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Business Owners
  • Architects
  • Community Planners
  • Internal Security and
    Loss Prevention Professionals
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Solutions Providers

The proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction of fear and incidences of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life. 

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a set of design strategies intended to passively discourage inappropriate behavior and criminal activity. CPTED concepts should be incorporated into every new construction, renovation and community revitalization project.







Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

A comprehensive training and certification program developed for law enforcement, campus and community planners, business owners, architects, designers and security professionals.

This program will be presented live online via video webinar, enabling real-time interaction with expert instructors and eliminating the time and expense of traveling to a training venue.

Participants who successfully complete the program will achieve lifetime certification as a CPTED Specialist by the American Crime Prevention Institute

This program will provide foundational knowledge and skills that will establish your credibility as a security professional and enable you to:

Effectively engage in the security design for building construction and community projects

Establish proactive and unobtrusive crime prevention strategies in your community

Develop skills needed to advance your career in security or law enforcement

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American Crime Prevention Institute is a leading authority in crime prevention training and certification for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. We provide highly practical, unbiased training and direction in modern law enforcement strategies and tactics, leveraging our decades of experience combined with best practices from throughout the country. We help law enforcement agencies improve police effectiveness and operations, and better serve your communities and constituents.

Daniel P. Keller | Executive Director, American Crime Prevention Institute

Dan brings more than 50 years of law enforcement and security experience. He has trained thousands of law enforcement personnel, architects and community planners from throughout the world in CPTED. Dan founded ACPI in 1998 after retiring as the Director of Public Safety at the University of Louisville, where he served for 26 years. Previously he served as the Assistant Director of Security at Southern Illinois University and founder and CEO of Aegis Protection Group and Aegis Security Design, a security consulting and engineering firm. He holds B.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Southern Illinois University and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Southern Police Institute.

Simple Process. Extraordinary Value.

We believe every law enforcement officer, city or campus planner, architect, designer and security professional will benefit greatly from attending this course, and we've worked to make it as cost effective and accessible as possible. 

How will you benefit from this program?

  • Skills and credentials to aid in career advancement as a professional in law enforcement, corporate security, loss prevention, security service providers and other related fields
  • Enhanced trust in your organization leading to improved relations with your community and constituents
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit towards ASIS certifications

Programs of this nature typically cost thousands of dollars to attend, but we have worked to reduce the price as much as possible. By conducting this course online we have significantly reduced the added cost and disruption typically encountered when attending multi-day training in person.

Individual Registration

Although we recommend it, we understand it is not always possible for multiple people to attend.

$450 / person

Group Registration

Realize the most value when registering multiple people from the same organization.

$400 / person

We have also made it as easy as possible to register and attend. Click Register Now below and sign up as many people from your organization as you wish. Attend the sessions from any location using only a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and the most common video conferencing platform in the country - Zoom.


Who should attend?

This course has been developed for anyone involved in the planning and design of buildings, campuses and communities. This includes state and local law enforcement, campus law enforcement, campus and city planners, architects, designers, security consultants and security service providers.

Is there an exam?

Yes. Registered attendees must successfully complete the exam in order to achieve the Certified CPTED Specialist designation. The exam will be administered online after the completion of the training sessions.

How do I pay?

We have made it easy for you to register and pay for the course. Click the Register Now button above and you can choose to register an individual (full price) or a group (discounted price). After completing the attendee information you will be given a choice to pay online securely via credit card, or you may request an invoice and pay by check or bank transfer. If you elect to pay by invoice, it will be emailed to you immediately with instructions on how to remit payment. Once payment is received you will be automatically enrolled in the course and you will receive instructions on how to join via email.

How do I receive the discount for registering multiple people?

After clicking the Register Now button above select the desired number of people under "Group Registration". Your discounted price will be automatically applied.

Do I need technical skills or special equipment to attend the course?

No! You can attend the course from any location with internet access using any type of device - computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We are utilizing the most common video conferencing platform in the country - Zoom - which is extremely easy to use and familiar to most people.

After receiving the confirmation email after registration, you MUST use the link sent to you by Zoom to join the meeting - it is unique to you and cannot be used by any other person. You must also enter the webinar Passcode that will also be included in the confirmation email. We have taken steps to ensure our meeting remains secure and we avoid any disruption.

If you have any questions about how to register please contact our support team.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes! Once the live course begins you will have the ability to type in questions for the instructor. We will monitor these questions and ensure they are answered live if time permits, or the instructor will follow up with answers after the session if we run short of time.

Who is SecureBI?

ACPI has partnered with Security Business Intelligence for the production and delivery of our virtual training programs. They are powering us behind the scenes, and rest assured any communication with them is 100% secure and on behalf of ACPI.

Is my registration refundable?

All registrations are 100% refundable until 72 hours before the event. To request a refund, please contact our support team.


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